I’m Katherine Cory, a freelance graphic and web designer by day and aspiring surface pattern designer by evening. I relocated to Manchester in October 2016 and ever since have been finding my feet in Manchester’s creative scene, making friends, attending talks and events and taking part in workshops.

The Manchester terrorist attack occurred on the evening of my new design contract with an agency in the Northern Quarter. I’ll never forget the sombre journey into work the next day and although I wasn’t personally affected, it soon became apparent that Manchester has more like two degrees of separation rather than six. Like the rest of the country, I watched a lot of news in the days that followed but seeing my neighbourhood and city on the news and visiting St. Anne’s Square to lay flowers was an experience I’ll never be able to describe.

How Manchester came together in the days and weeks after the attack, made me proud to call Manchester my home and I decided to focus my energies and design a few products to try and raise some money for the people affected by the tragedy. It’s taken a lot of planning and sourcing materials and manufacturers but I’m excited to finally launch my #WeStandTogether website.

Profits from the patches, stickers and button badges will be donated to the fund to support the victims and their families following the explosion at the Arena, which killed 22 people and injured over 100 more. You can learn more at Just Giving.